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Posted on 10, February 2013

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Life insurance with free gifts

Life insurance with free gifts is what most of us want to hear our insurer say, don’t we? In reality most insurers do not endorse this offer as these types of offers are short lived, there are however, many tv advertisments in the UK that are constantly stating they are able to offer you a great little gift apon purchasing a policy.

Life insurance with free gifts/life insurance If you’re looking for life insurance that comes with free gifts you’re going to find it a long and tedious journey trying to find one, although the free gifts can actually be quite beneficial to you, ranging from a parker pen to an iPad, now that’s what we all are looking for and why not!

By using our quote tool, you simply fill out one questionnaire and retrieve a list of your life insurance policy prices, from there you can select the cheapest policy then if you wanted to, you could ask questions about any promotional free gifts they are offering, whys this a good method? Well if you don't ask, you don't get... This is a proven tactic when trying to find great incentives for life insurance as you get up to date information directly from the insurance companies without having to browse through every individual life insurance provider… *Please note: This method does not mean that all insurers have gift incentives, this requires a little ground work, you will need to complete the quote, then select which insurers you 'would' like and then ask for yourselves if they do any gift offers, not all insurance companies offer gifts.

You are literally killing two birds with one stone by finding the cheapest possible life insurance quote and also then looking into the free gifts each insurer provides for joining up, defeating this long and tedious task of obtaining life insurance coverage and obtaining your best free gifts at the same time.

To begin, click the quote button below and fill out a simple questionnaire type form which will then display your best life insurance premium prices and then from there you can chose which insurers you would like to look into.

Good luck on your endeavors!


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This article is for information purposes only, Please note that not all insurers on our panel will offer a free gift, they are not obliged to and this is up to you as a customer to ask if there are any special deals available.

Cash back life insurance

When deciding to get life insurance coverage, it's always nice to be given a little gift in return, sometimes you would have to go to great measures and put in a lot of research for individual health insurance providers to find out what you get in return for your loyalty and custom, however we can help you out here, by simply completely our quick quote form we'll only give you great prices to choose from.

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