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Posted on 10, February 2013

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Life insurance with cash in value

Life insurance with cash in value/life insurance Most people when looking for life insurance often look into a cash in value plan of some kind which is a very advisable thing to look for as it could benefit you long term, some people may not know what exactly a life insurance with cash in value policy means so firstly let’s talk about what it is and what it can do for you and how it benefits you.

Cash in value life insurance basically means, upon the unfortunate case of the policy holders death a lump sum of money will be inherited by your next of kin, or if the policy holder would like to ‘cash in’ there life insurance, they are free to withdraw their accumulated premium at any time, this money is tax free and is basically considered as an investment.  There are three types of life insurance with cash in value plans to look out for, these include ‘Whole life’, ‘Universal life’ and ‘Variable life’ these types of life insurance policies are known to be for life, meaning long term insurance plans.

With life insurance cash in value plans, you may sometimes be able to withdraw your funds and use these funds for personal loans, these loans will need to be paid back to your insurers and they will then put the value back into your capital, this can be a great way of financing any personal renovations or treating the family but be aware that you would need to pay the funds back and should not be used as a long term source of income.

Essentially there are two main categories of life insurance, one is Cash Value and the other is Term life insurance, both very similar but for different amounts of time periods, Term life insurance policies normally last between ten to thirty years, whereas Cash value life insurance plans are often for life.

There are many life insurance with cash in value plans that are offered online at very reasonable prices but finding the right one with the correct type of cover can be a pain, it’s sometimes best to consult with a professional life insurance broker simply because they would know the ins and outs of different types of policies available to you, additionally you can use our online quoting tool and follow the simple questionnaire and find your own way.

It’s advisable to do both, speak to a broker find out some information and also some policy premium prices and also use our quotation system, by using both you can find great value for money whilst knowing exactly what you’re getting for your investments.

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This article was is for information only, please take note that not all insurers offer cash in value type plans and it is best to always thoroughly ask your insurer if you have any confusions.

Life insurance cash in value insurance plans

Cash in value life insurance policies often have a lot of benefits, find out how you could potentially use your life insurance nest egg as an investment!

Ooh yes, with cash in value life insurance plans you're able to take out the money you put in to use for anything you like, it's not only a after-life payment to your loved ones but an investment in yourselves.

Cash value plans are very hard to come across in this climate, so it is always recommended to ask the insurer you contact if they are able to provide a cash in value policy (Note: Not all insurers offer this type of plan)

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