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Tips for cheap car insurance

i  Some insurers don't provide direct cover, by obtaining a quote from us we can give you offers.
i  Location, Location, Location! dramatically lowers your car insurance premium.
i  Raising your voluntary excess can lower your overall premium cost.
i  Sometimes being a new customer can potentially get you higher discounted rates!
i  No claims bonus helps if you have them! If not we can provide you with low rates.
i  Some of our panel of insurers give you deals when you switch your insurance to them.
i  Type of car, this for obvious reasons can either increase or decrease your policy.
i  Being a named driver on a policy can lower the total cost.
i  Having a 'Pass Plus' certificate or additional driving certificates will benefit you.
i Age is another beneficial factor, if you are over the age of 24 this can reduce costs.

Cheap car insurance, does it exist?

We often hear the same question over and over, it is quite possible to find yourself a very cheap car insurance quote, however finding one can be a tedious battle with many car insurance brokers fighting for your custom, this plays a part in inflated policy prices!

By completing a car insurance quote with us, we point you directly to the insurance provider rather than pointing you to an insurance broker who then would take a large chunk for his work out of your premium! This can be avoided by coming through us for your insurance needs, start by simply click the quote button and filling out a simple form which takes around 5 minutes.